City Code


The city’s Code of Ordinances is basically the laws of the city. Periodically, the City Council amends, deletes, or adds ordinances as circumstances dictate.

The city council officially adopted a revised copy of the code of ordinances in July 2015. 


City council and staff periodically participate in goal setting sessions to identify and prioritize goals that they would like to achieve in the coming years.  Once they are identified, the council and staff will use those as a guide in developing policies and the budget in future years.   Click on the link below for a copy of the most recent goal setting session report.

Another recent accomplishment was completion and adoption of an updated comprehensive plan for the city.  This document will help the city council and staff to plan and regulate the future physical development of the city. This will aid in determining the future goals of the city and how to achieve those visions.  Click on the link below to view this comprehensive plan. 

City code also outlines the yearly budget process.  One requirement is adoption of a maximum levy resolution that sets the maximum amount of certain levies that the council can adopt for the next year's budget.  Click on the link below to see current and previous maximum levy resolutions adopted by council.