Sump Pumps & Flushable Wipes FYI

95.04 Prohibited Acts

City Code of Iowa, Sec 716.1

2. Surface Run-off or Groundwater.  Connect a roof downspout, sump pump, exterior foundation drain,  areaway drain, or other source of surface run-off or groundwater to a building sewer or building drain which in turn is connected directly or indirectly to a public sanitary sewer, except when application has been  made to the Superintendent to connect the above- enumerated items to the public sanitary sewer and written approval has been given by the Superintendent to make such connection.

I would like to make aware that we receive twice as much as the city water plant supplies on an average, September of 2016 we treated over 3 times that supplied to the city.  The cost to pump and treat this extra water falls on to all customers.  Not to say that all the extra flow is coming from prohibited discharges but it does contribute to the overall amount.

Flow example:

 A sump pump that pumps 35 gal/min at 240 minutes a day = 8400 gal/day. It will vary with area of your home, but I have heard from a few people that theirs runs about every 3 minutes. Thats one home.

Now lets put that to 50 illegal hook ups.  50 X 8400 gal/day = 420,000 gal/day

420,000 x 30 days = 12,600,000 gallons

Does it make a diffence?  News Video

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These are flushable wipes that you see inside one of our digesters. This is the portion that made it past the bar screen and didn't plug a pipe or pump. We have to send operators inside these units to remove these supposable bio-degradable wipes.  Not only is it hard work, but puts an operator inside a bad and possibly dangerous area. Studys have shown they do not degrade.  This could easIly be prevented by not using them, having a garbage can next to the restroom latrine(toilet), or the use of new products in substitution of wipes. I came across this product I felt would be a great alternative.   Click the link below that has article describing the product.