Wastewater Updates

Phase II Disinfection Project


Pre-construction meeting for Phase 2 Disinfection Project is set to take place. We should start to see some work being started in July 2015. Phase II Project has been awarded to Staab Construction out of Marshfield, WI.
Area for U.V Disinfection has been excavated. Footing have been poured. The influent and effluent basins have started to be re-bared and formed for concrete.

The U.V. System is installed for disinfection. It will disinfect our plant effluent before it enters the outfall pipe. At this point we are running the system to get a 100 hour burn in time on the bulbs. Come March we will start system up for our disinfection season. Season runs from March 15th till Nov. 15th. The first season will be for performance testing to see if we can comply with set limits for E-coli. The system installed is a high quality unit and should put us in compliance.

We are into the second year of disinfection.  The new Ultra Violet system was tested last season and we are able to meet the permitted E.coli limits. No other phases are needed to meet the bacteria limits.

With a major part of the plant being over 50 years old dependability is fading.
Over the last year we have been working with engineers on a plant facility plan to bring the plant up to today's standards.  The plan is to go to an activated sludge process which would give us more loading capacity and also be able to meet the nutrient standards. We have looked at a few different plant designs and have came away with some good ideas from the tours.  In the end we should be less vulnerable to weather events and have a plant that can take on growth.

Flood wall photo
 Phase 1 UV improvements
 Phase 2 UV improvements