Water Resource Recovery Facility

C.C. WRRF Oxidation Ditch

O.D. night 1

About the Existing Plant

The Charles City Water Resource Recovery Facility consists of: 

  •  Main Lift Station
  • Control Building/Laboratory
  • Head Works Building
  • Two 1.67 mg Oxidation Ditches
  • Secondary Control/Blower building
  • Three 50-foot diameter Final Clarifiers
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection System
  • Two 260,000 gallon Aerobic Digesters
  • One  780,000 gallon Aerobic Digester/ Storage Tank
  • 6.1 mg Equalization Basin
  • 80,000 SF Reed Beds System

The Charles City Plant has an Iowa Grade IV classification and is maintained by four full time certified employees seven days a week. In addition to the plant; six wastewater-pumping stations are maintained.

 Plant upgrades in 1985,1994,2003,2013, 2015, 2019