Dog License Information

Owners of dogs over six months of age are required to license their dogs with the City of Charles City. Proof of vaccination for rabies in the form of a certificate of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian must be presented at the time of licensing. Dogs may be licensed for a period of one, two or three years.

A numbered tag will be issued to the dog owner which must be fastened to the collar worn by the dog along with a current rabies tag.

Fees are as follows:

$10.00 per year, if spayed/neutered & micro-chipped
$15.00 per year, if spayed/neutered but not micro-chipped
$35.00 per year, if micro-chipped but not spayed/neutered
$40.00 per year, if not micro-chipped and not spayed/neutered

Licenses are due annually on March 1st. Licenses obtained after the due date will be charged a $5 late fee per dog.

To license your pet dog, complete the required application (form here) and bring or mail to the Charles City Police Department, 105 Milwaukee Mall, Charles City, Iowa, along with:

1. Proof of rabies vaccination for each pet (required)

2. Proof of micro-chipping (if applicable)

3. Proof of spaying or neutering (if applicable)

Owners of micro-chipped dogs must maintain registration with the microchip registration company.

If ownership of a dog is transferred to another person, the Police Department must be notified within 30 days of the transfer so that the transfer of ownership can be documented in our records. If the dog is micro-chipped, the transferring owner is responsible for ensuring that the microchip registration company is also notified of the change of ownership within 30 days of the transfer. The new owner will be responsible for renewal of the dog’s license.

If found off owner’s property, a dog required to be licensed without a current license may be impounded. The owner of the unlicensed dog will be required to pay all fees associated with the impounding in addition to licensing fees and any fines incurred.

Please call the Police Department at 641-228-3366 if you have any questions or need more information.