Rates for Service

Monthly Access Charges

Each customer shall pay a monthly access charge based upon the size of the customer's meter, effective July 1, 2023.

5/8-inch meter$20.53
3/4-inch meter$22.58
1-inch meter$28.73
1 1/2-inch meter$36.95
2-inch meter$59.50
3-inch meter$225.74
4-inch meter$287.32
6-inch meter$429.32
8-inch meter
10-inch meter$773.77
12-inch meter$1005.23

Regular Customer Usage Charges

Except for large industrial users and occasional bulk users, each customer shall pay a monthly water use charge, based upon the number of gallons used each month, effective July 1, 2023.

Gallons UsedFee (Per 1,000 gallons)
First 2,000 gallons$4.44
Next 48,000 gallons$4.09
Next 450,000 gallons$3.40
Over 500,000 gallons$2.57