Code Enforcement


The Charles City Code Enforcement Department will be limiting interaction with the public. This does not mean we will be foregoing building permits. Our goal is still the safety of our community. Please either email permit applications to or You may fax them to 641 -257-6331 also. We will not be doing on-site visits and inspections on all projects. We may request that you, the contractor, send us photos of certain aspects of the job.
We will also be postponing rental unit inspections for the most part. If you are a renter and you find a deficiency which may be life-threatening, please call us at 641 257-6300.


  • Issuing building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits
  • Inspections of above stated permit activities
  • Enforcement of city and municipal codes
  • Conducting rental housing inspections

Mission Statement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to serve the citizens of the City of Charles City by ensuring compliance of all adopted City codes. Fair, equitable, and unbiased inspections/investigations will be our highest priority when it comes to maintaining standards for safe living and business operations, thereby protecting property, owner's rights, and the quality of life for all of America's Hometown residents.


Code Enforcement Officers
Code Enforcement Officers Jason Webster (Left) and Paul Hughes (Right) Make up the Code Enforcement Department. They report to the Public Safety Director.