Public Education


The Charles City Fire Department (CCFD) is committed to providing educational and informational programs for the residents of Charles City, as well as surrounding communities.

The cornerstone of our fire prevention program is our dedicated firefighters, knowledgeable about fire safety and the effects of educating children and adults alike. The CCFD is confident that such programs greatly enhance fire safety in the home, as well as for businesses.

If the CCFD can be of assistance in any of these areas, or you would like to schedule a tour of the station, call us at (641) 257-6313.

Fire Safety House

The CCFD utilizes a Fire Safety House (FSH), generously supported and maintained by the Iowa Firefighters Association, as well as the Iowa Elks. This FSH is a tremendous educational tool for everyone interested in becoming fire safe. The FSH is on display many times through the year at the fire station, public events, and schools. The FSH teaches individuals about multiple common and preventable fire hazards in the home and how to alleviate them. The FSH also has a dedicated program regarding severe weather safety, and how to protect you from those dangers. In 2010, over 2200 people passed through the FSH.

Fire Prevention Education

Fire prevention education in Charles City Schools begins in the 3rd Grade. Twice a year, students are visited by CCFD firefighters to teach them about the importance of fire safety. Stop, drop, and roll is practiced, and discussions regarding fire safety are brought right to the classroom.

It is also very common for children of all different ages, ranging from K-12 to visit the fire station for a guided tour by our full time staff. The busiest time for this is undoubtedly the month of October, surrounding the nationally recognized Fire Prevention Week. Not every tour we do is strictly for children. Tours are given to adults as well, providing us the opportunity to present all of the equipment, tools, and resources we have available to serve them in times of need. Of course, we always are talking about fire safety during these tours, getting the word of fire safety out at every chance we get.

Fire Extinguisher Demonstrations

Another asset to the community, especially businesses, is the fire extinguisher demonstrations that our full time firefighters provide. At a request by the business, we are able to offer their employees education about different types of extinguishers and their uses as well as real time training in using extinguishers.