Wastewater Treatment Plant

About the Plant

The Charles City Water Pollution Control Treatment Plant, built in 1965 (plant upgrades in 1985,1994,2003,2013, and 2015) consists of:
  • A Main Lift Station
  • Control Building/Laboratory
  • Two 40-foot diameter Primary Clarifiers
  • One 140-foot diameter Trickling Filter
  • Secondary Control/Blower building
  • One 45-foot tall Bio-Tower
  • Three 50-foot diameter Final Clarifiers
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection System
  • Two Aerobic Digesters
  • 750,000 gallon Sludge Storage Tank
The Charles City Plant has an Iowa grade III classification and is maintained by four full time certified employees seven days a week. In addition to the plant; six wastewater-pumping stations are maintained. The new Disinfection System will be in operation for the 2016 Disinfection Season.

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